CA Conservatorship Attorneys Help You Protect Your Family

Our Los Angeles lawyers facilitate care for your dependent loved ones

At Gifford, Dearing & Abernathy, LLP, we can help you arrange for the care of an elderly parent or disabled adult. Our knowledgeable attorneys help you have yourself or another responsible relative appointed as a conservator, with decision-making authority over your loved one’s health, finances and welfare. We can also guide you in choosing a professional conservator whom you can trust to manage your loved one’s needs.

Caring for an incapacitated adult

If you already act as the responsible party for an incapacitated adult or you have a child who will never be able to live independently, you definitely want to make arrangements for a conservatorship at your passing. As part of your estate planning, we can advise you on the most appropriate means of securing the financial support and assistance with life’s needs for your dependent loved ones.

Principled and sensitive advocacy during adversarial proceedings

Parents who have lived independently are often resistant to having their adult children care for them, even as the infirmities of old age set in. If you see an urgent need to assume authority over an aging parent or other relative for their own good, you may have to petition the court to be appointed as a conservator of your loved one’s person and estate. Your loved one is entitled to counsel oppose you. If such circumstances arise, you can trust in our experience, professionalism and sensitivity, as we proceed with the legal process. Our goal is not only to win the appointment, but as much as possible, to impress upon your parent the loving motivations for your actions.

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